TajikAzot is planning to start operations in 2022

The TajikAzot plant should start operating next year, said Zarina Davlatzoda, Mayor of the city of Levakant.

The plant is currently being reconstructed and prepared for launch by its new owner Osiyo Chemical company, which acquired the controlling stake of TajikAzot shares in February 2021. Osiyo Chemical also partially paid off TajikAzot’s debt.

“The new owner paid off the salary debt of a million somonis (approximately $88.2 thousand), while the total salary debt is 6 million somonis (about $530 thousand). The owner also paid off the tax debt for almost 15 million somonis (approximately $1.3 million),” said Zarina Davlatzoda.

According to the Mayor’s statement, 200 workers have already returned to the plant.

“The enterprise is planned to start working next year and will employ over a thousand people,” Zarina Davlatzoda said.

TajikAzot is the only nitrogen fertilizer producer in Tajikistan. The product line of the plant includes both ammonia and carbamide.

Source: Sputnik

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