TajikAzot prepares to resume operations

The TajikAzot plant is paying back wage arrears to its employees. As of today, 97% of the debt has been paid, and it’s planned to fulfill the obligations in the first quarter of this year. The total amount of accumulated debt during the long-term downtime of the enterprise is 6 million somonis (approximately $531.2 thousand).

Under the terms of the tender for the sale of the controlling shares of TajikAzot, held in February 2021, its investor must pay off wage and loan debts, create at least 1.1 thousand jobs, and restart the enterprise. It’s currently believed that the new owner of TajikAzot is Osiyo Chemical.

Before its shutdown, TajikAzot produced ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers. There are no other similar enterprises in Tajikistan.

Source: Ozodi Radio

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