Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers will replace the drying tower

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers (part of Uralchem) has received blocks and parts of the new drying tower, which will replace the previous one in the contact sulfuric acid workshop. The installation will be carried out during the autumn repair campaign.

Besides these parts, the company has also received the internals of the drying tower, manhole covers, inspection windows, and installing equipment. Rolled products for the metal structures of the tower and the gas pipes have been delivered to the enterprise as well.

The contact sulfuric acid workshop has begun the stage of assembly and enlargement of structural elements. After its completion, the workshop will be suspended, and the company will begin to dismantle the old tower, which is 34 years old. The installation of the new one will be conducted using single-point technology, tested in 2017 and 2019, during the replacement of the intermediate and final absorption towers.

“The project for the modernization of sulfuric acid production with the replacement of three towers on the SK-48 unit is unique for Russia since the replacement of towers is combined with annual overhauls and doesn’t require long interruptions in the production,” said Dmitry Zotov, Head of the contact sulfuric acid workshop.

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