Uralchem and Uralkali celebrate Global Fertilizer Day

Uralchem and Uralkali celebrated Global Fertilizer Day. Their employees congratulated their colleagues from the International Fertilizer Association by joining the Smile for Zero Carbon Future flash mob. Within the framework of the event, anyone could share their ideas for the sustainable development of the company.

Global Fertilizer Day is celebrated on October 13. On this day in 1908, the patent for synthesizing ammonia from the air was registered. This method has had a significant impact on the development of agriculture in the world, increasing the efficiency of land use. The widespread introduction of agricultural technologies has saved millions of people from poverty and hunger.

At the same time, Food and Agricultural Organization and United Nations predict that global food consumption will grow by 70% by 2050, while the area of arable land will grow only by 10%, therefore agriculture should be much more efficient.

“The forecasts of international organizations are obviously coming true — the growth in food consumption is at a much faster pace than the growth in the area of ​​agricultural land. Uralchem, as a responsible producer, is looking for solutions to the food problem. The company is constantly increasing the efficiency of its products. The product portfolio is replenished taking into account the latest market trends and the requirements of farmers. Besides, we pay great attention to close interaction with farmers to improve their competencies and ensure an increase in yield from each hectare of land. To increase the business efficiency of our clients, Uralchem ​​helps to optimize the nutrition systems of most crops, advising on the selection and use of products,” said Dmitry Mazepin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralkali.

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