Uralchem spent $8.3M on charity programs in 2022

In total, Uralchem allocated 686 million rubles ($8.3 million) to the financing of charity and sponsorship programs in 2022.

The programs are split into six main blocks: Uralchem for Children, Uralchem for Veterans, Uralchem for Regions, Uralchem for Education and Science, Uralchem for Cultural Traditions, and Uralchem for Sports.

Under the Uralchem for Children and Uralchem for Education and Science programs, the company runs joint activities with educational institutions, directly participates in municipal and themed events, and provides various support to children’s clubs and associations, rehabilitation centers and boarding schools. It also aids and implements chemistry knowledge projects, and regularly conducts open classes in chemical and environmental science.

For several years now, Uralchem has been collaborating with the Sirius Educational Centre to develop and improve the overall quality of education in Russia. In particular, in 2022 Uralchem launched its own laboratory and classroom in the center’s Presidential School.

Uralchem for Veterans mainly focuses on supporting retired employees and veteran organizations. Uralchem company pays quarterly allowances to labor veterans and helps them with health issues. At its production facilities, Uralchem also finances local councils of veterans, which have over 10,000 members in total. Uralchem also provided assistance to a council of veterans in Perm, which celebrated in 35-th anniversary in 2022.

The key activities of the Uralchem for Regions program include the development of host regions, improvement of the urban environment, landscaping, road repairs, community days and environmental events. Each year, Uralchem’s plants extend social partnership agreements with local authorities, take part in municipal projects, and provide financial assistance to regional healthcare institutions. In particular, the KCKK branch runs annual Good Harvest and Good Sprout events in Kirov Region.

Uralchem for Cultural Traditions was established to promote literary writing and support religious organizations, cultural centers, museums and creativity clubs for children and adults.

Support of athletic activities is consolidated in the Uralchem for Sports program. The company organizes federal and regional projects in numerous disciplines, invites celebrity athletes to hold master classes for amateurs and professionals, and sponsors various sports federations.

For more than 10 years, Uralchem has been the general sponsor of the Russian Swimming Federation. In 2022, it financially helped the Russian Motorsport Federation, the Russian Rugby Federation, the Russian Triathlon Federation, and the Race of the Heroes non-profit. Also, as part of Uralchem’s contribution to the 300-th anniversary of Perm, the PMF and Azot branches arranged five local races and the national stage of the Perm Wave swimming competition

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