Rostov region will spend $21 million to improve local soils

This year, farmers of the Rostov region have harvested the record amount of early grain crops in Russia of 12.685 million tons. The average yield is 37.9 centners per hectare, which is almost 3 centners higher than in 2020.

First Deputy Governor of the Rostov region, Viktor Goncharov, reports that farmers applying phosphorus fertilizers will be able to receive state support of about 1.5 billion rubles (approximately $21 million) in the next three years.

To support agriculture in the current year, 4.4 billion rubles (approximately $61.5 million) were allocated from the budget of the Rostov region. The regional authorities have also allocated 100 million rubles (about $1.4 million) to help farmers and agricultural enterprises that apply phosphorus fertilizers.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov region indicated the average content of phosphorus in soils of 23.5 mg per 1 kg, while the optimal indicator for the region is 30 mg. The area of ​​arable land with a low content of phosphorus in the Rostov region is estimated at a million hectares.

“The Rostov region faces a low content of phosphorus in its soils due to insufficient application of appropriate fertilizers. Besides the introduction of fertilizers, it’s also important to ensure the conditions for the assimilation of phosphorus by the activation of appropriate microorganisms. The lack of biodiversity in soils leads to insufficient assimilation of existing nutrients and disruption in the formation of organic matter. We should also remember the danger from harmful insects and mites. Therefore, the farmers of the Rostov region should assess the status of the phytosanitary situation in their fields as soon as possible and, if necessary, take urgent measures to protect winter grain crops,” said the candidate of biological sciences and manager for sustainable business development of the Russian division of Syngenta, Elena Sokolova.

Source: TASS

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