The Permsky greenhouse complex has been launched

The Permsky greenhouse complex received a permit for commissioning. The complex has already begun supplying tomatoes and cucumbers to the retail chains of the Perm region. The Permsky greenhouse complex was constructed on the Chusovoy advanced development territory (ADT).

The creation of the complex was invested by the Group “Greenhouses of the Regions”, which spent over 7.8 billion rubles (approximately $104.8 million) on the project implementation. The area of the Permsky greenhouse complex is 24.5 hectares with a capacity of about 20 thousand tons of vegetables per year.

“The construction of the Permsky greenhouse complex on the Chusovoy ADT is beneficial for the “Greenhouses of the Regions” Group. Being its resident, the company receives some tax incentives that ensure a faster return on investment. At the same time, Permsky has a guaranteed sale of tomatoes and cucumbers to local groceries of the Perm region. The operation of the greenhouse complex will support the demand for water-soluble fertilizers,” said the Fertilizer Daily research and information agency.

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