Emmerson continues its Khemisset potash project

The British company Emmerson intends to start the construction of an enterprise for the extraction and processing of potassium salts within the framework of the Khemisset project (Morocco) by the end of this year. Its capacity should be 735 thousand tons of potassium chloride per year.

“The global geopolitical crisis reflects on supply chains and the prices of food and fertilizers. The issue of food security has never been clearer, and potassium chloride plays a key role in it,” said James Kelly, Emmerson board member.

Last year, about 40% of global potassium chloride production came from Russia and Belarus, which were forced to cut exports in 2022 due to Western sanctions, allowing new suppliers to take their place.

The forecast resources of the Khemisset project are estimated at 311 million tons of potassium salts with an average potassium oxide content of 10.2%.

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