Uralchem will expand its product line for Kaliningrad region

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region, the Uralchem trading house and the company “Baltic-Terra” signed a cooperation agreement aimed at information exchange regarding the supply of mineral fertilizers and other products and services for agricultural producers in the region.

The document was signed by Natalya Shevtsova, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region, Yuri Voronin, General Director of the Uralchem ​​trading house, and Eduard Tynne, General Director of Baltic-Terra (the official distributor of Uralchem ​​in the Kaliningrad region).

The agreement provides for the interaction of the parties in the field of chemicals and the provision of agrochemical services. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region will inform the Uralchem ​​trading house and “Baltic-Terra” about the planned exhibition events and invite them to participate in the implementation of projects for the development of agriculture in the region. In turn, the Uralchem ​​trading house and “Baltic-Terra” will consider the issue of expanding the range of mineral fertilizers suitable for the agriculture in the Kaliningrad region, provide methodological assistance in the development of modern plant nutrition technologies, and expand cooperation with local research institutions to improve agricultural technologies.

“The Kaliningrad region is an important region for Uralchem. In 2021, the company launched a plant for the production of mineral fertilizers with a capacity of 150 thousand tons per year. Today it’s the only enterprise producing mineral fertilizers on the territory of this region of Russia. It has a unique production technology that combines the advantages of blending and granulation with the ability to produce a wide range of NPK fertilizers,” said Yuri Voronin.

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