Uralchem strengthens its partnership with distributors

The annual conference of distributors of Uralchem products took place in Perm. It brought together the heads of companies selling water-soluble mineral fertilizers under the Solar and Aqua Drop brands from dozens of Russian regions, as well as from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia.

At the conference, the participants listened to reports on the Uralchem strategy and the role of distributors in the company development and the promotion of niche premium products. Afterwards, the guests visited Perm Mineral Fertilizers and saw the production of micro-prilled urea known for its high quality and used to produce a line of water-soluble NPK fertilizers under the Solar brand. This is a premium product due to its reduced biuret content.

‘Distributors are engaged in the sale and promotion of our premium products under the Solar brand to end consumers, i.e. to farmers. They must be confident in the products they sell. Perm micro-prilled urea is unique not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. At the plant, the distributors saw its high-tech production with their own eyes. Then they will certainly convey this impression to the consumer,’ said Yuri Voronin, General Director of Uralchem Trading House.

Perm Mineral Fertilizers is one of the largest producers of ammonia and urea in the Urals and Western Siberia. During a guided tour, the company’s specialists demonstrated the production specific features to the distributors: they showed what the fluidized urea layer on the prilling tower looks like, how micro-prilled urea is packed in the new packaging case, and how the operators monitor the performance of the ammonia unit in the central control center.

‘We’ve seen how the product we offer to our customers is manufactured. It has become much clearer what it consists of — we’ve come to know the particulars of the production process. Last year, we bought a trial batch of premium products under the Solar brand. Now we plan to work as distributors and increase sales,’ Angelica Polezhaeva, Sales Manager of Asia-Alliance Group (Samara), shared her impressions.

At the end of the tour, the conference participants were given promotional two-hundred-gram bags with micro-prilled urea as a gift. In 2019, this product was put up for the contest “100 Best Products of Russia”, it has already successfully passed the regional stage in the “Novelty” category, and the results of the competition at the national level will become known at the end of December.

‘I have been working with mineral fertilizers for several years, but I have visited a large chemical plant for the first time. Now I am ready to recommend all distributors to first visit the plant and only then sell fertilizers. When you work with clients, you want to tell them about the factory, where the product is manufactured, in the first person. A serious enterprise promotes serious business relations,’ said Eduard Tynne, General Director of Baltic-Terra (Kaliningrad).

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