Indorama plans to mine phosphorites in Kazakhstan

The Singapore corporation Indorama held negotiations with representatives of the Kazakhstan authorities. The parties discussed prospects for the implementation of investment projects for the production of phosphorus fertilizers.

Indorama intends to start mining phosphorites to process them into fertilizers. The volume of investments in this project may amount to $100 million.

“In 2019, Indorama acquired a 95.54% stake in the Kokand Superphosphate Plant, built in 1935 to produce phosphorus fertilizers from raw materials mined at the Dzheroy-Sardara deposit. The company’s plans included increasing the output of superphosphate at the enterprise from 100 thousand tons to 350 thousand tons per year,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily. “The parties might have discussed the production of phosphorites at the Dzheroy-Sardara deposit or starting it at some new facility with subsequent processing at the Kokand Superphosphate Plant.”

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