Shortage of mineral fertilizers will reduce the wheat harvest in France

The current shortage of mineral fertilizers in the European Union market could lead to a drop in the wheat crop in France in 2023, AGPB expects.

According to its information, the soft wheat crop this year amounted to 33.6 million tons against 35.4 million tons in 2021. It was close to the forecast of the French Ministry of Agriculture of 33.9 million tons.

Such a good result was due to the accumulation by farmers of necessary reserves of mineral fertilizers for spring fieldwork. However, the subsequent reduction in natural gas supplies from Russia led to a drop in the output of mineral fertilizers by the European Union enterprises, especially nitrogen fertilizers. And now French farmers’ accumulated stock of fertilizers is 20% lower than a year earlier.

“We are facing a total uncertainty,” said Cedric Benoist, Deputy Secretary General of the AGPB.

Source: Euronews

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