Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant digitizes loading process

The Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (KCKK, part of Uralchem) has finalized mounting of the equipment of mineral fertilizer loading units with markers to stamp identifying information to bags of 500 kg and 1 ton.

The markers act as a printer. With their help, the date and batch number are automatically applied to the packaging on the inner liner’s neck and the outer cover. The need for a paper label thus disappears.

“With these markers, we have simplified the identification process. Now there is no need to open the outer cover to see the number and date of the batch of goods. This is convenient for the consumer and producer while storing products in the warehouse. The paper insert is not entirely reliable, because when moisture gets into the pocket of the container, the label in most cases becomes unreadable,” said Nadezhda Turusheva, Head of the KCKK Finished Goods Shipping Department.

A trial run-in of marking equipment took place in the summer in the ammonium nitrate workshop. Now it’s also introduced in the workshops for the production of complex mineral fertilizers and calcium nitrate.
The new equipment makes it possible to label products following modern requirements of legislation and consumers. In addition, the time-consuming process of designing paper container labels is eliminated.

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