Production of pesticides in Russia is raising after the summer decline

In the January-November period of this year, the production of herbicides in Russia increased by 9.7% to 111.1 thousand tons, while the production of fungicides decreased by 17.3% to 29.8 thousand tons, reports the Federal State Statistics Service.

“In summer 2022, there was a drop in the production of herbicides and fungicides, although, in spring, it was at a decent level. This is likely due to the difficulties in importing active ingredients due to the introduction of Western sanctions against Russia, however, not excluding other reasons. But in autumn 2022, it began to rise again,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily.

According to Fertilizer Daily, several domestic enterprises are considering the implementation of investment projects to create capacities for the production of active ingredients for the manufacture of various types of plant protection products.

“Despite their capital intensity, such projects can be successful,” said experts of Fertilizer Daily.

It drew attention to the fact that mass production of pesticides and their active ingredients may require foreign equipment and spare parts, which are now not so easy to receive.

“As an alternative, we can consider placing orders with Russian enterprises,” Fertilizer Daily added. “Also, we cannot discount the policy of import substitution being implemented in Russia. For example, within its framework, the Technological Development Agency has been implementing a grant program since 2022 for the development of design documentation for components that are critical for various industries, including the chemical industry.”

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