Perm Mineral Fertilizers improved the packaging line

The Perm Mineral Fertilizers enterprise (part of Uralchem) has completed the Packing 600 investment project, which provides for an increase in the volume of packing and shipment of carbamide in flexible containers up to 600 thousand tons per year. Capital investments in the project amounted to 932 million rubles (approximately $13.3 million).

“This project was our next step in the development of the packaging line. The packaging of products in soft containers with a capacity of 0.8-1 ton allows for preserving the premium quality of carbamide during transportation. The economic effect of the project implementation is an additional marginal profit from sales of products in bags compared to bulk in wagons,” said Alexey Averyanov, Director of Perm Mineral Fertilizers.

To accommodate the new packaging equipment at Perm Mineral Fertilizers, the company carried out a major overhaul of the product loading shop. An individual heating point is installed next to it. Forklifts were purchased, as well as a wheeled loader crane for loading big bags into gondola cars.

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