Togliattiazot improved carbamide packaging

The Togliattiazot plant (Samara region) put into operation a new line for packing carbamide in big bags with a total capacity of up to 1.2 thousand tons per day. All construction, installation and commissioning works were carried out just in four months.

Thanks to the new type of packaging, Togliattiazot products can be transported in volumes that are comfortable for the consumer. Now the company provides two options for shipping carbamide: in bulk in vehicles or mineral carriers and in big bags.

Packing in big bags is recognized as an environmentally friendly and convenient way to ensure long-term storage of carbamide without losing its properties and quality.

As part of the project to launch a new shipment line, a separate building was erected, the foundation of which was poured in October 2022. Two months later, the equipment was tested and trial batches were packed. At the same time, the storage bin was reconstructed and a small packaging complex was installed. Carbamide from production is supplied through existing conveyor systems, accumulated in bunkers and then distributed into big bags with the help of filling machines.

To quicken the operation of the shipment line, two telescopic loaders were purchased, designed to work with soft polypropylene containers. Thanks to them, the speed of packing and shipment of carbamide to road and rail transport will increase.

“The high demand for mineral fertilizers allows us to improve the methods of their transportation and storage. In recent years, the request vector has shifted towards packaged products. Using the big-bag packing method is also practical for the enterprise: the plant is expanding its product line, attracting new consumers, including large farms, thereby consistently increasing sales. Packaged carbamide is essentially a retail product with a higher return on sale. In addition, big bags make it easier to store and allow us to accumulate the product for the high season,” said Oleg Shakhvatov, Deputy General Director of Togliattiazot for commercial activities.

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