Ostchem cuts prices in front of the sowing campaign

Ostchem holding (part of Group DF) announced an increase in the load of its Cherkasy Azot from 30% to 70% and Rivneazot up to 50% due to the launch of idle workshops. The seasonal surge in demand for mineral fertilizers on the eve of spring sowing was named as the reason.

“This is a planned increase in the load of our factories. We are increasing it to meet the demand from farmers who are determined to have a successful spring sowing campaign,” said Sergey Pavlyuchuk, head of Ostchem.

At the same time, Ostchem reduced retail prices for nitrogen fertilizers (due to an increase in the load of enterprises and a decrease in natural gas prices). For example, the cost of carbamide fell by 2 thousand hryvnias (about $54.21) to 36 thousand hryvnias ($975.74) per 1 ton (excluding delivery), carbamide-ammoniac compound – by 4 thousand hryvnias ($108.42) to 29 thousand hryvnias ($786.02).

According to Ostchem, in 2022, the consumption of ammonium nitrate in Ukraine amounted to 1 million tons (of which 330 thousand tons were imported), carbamide – 410 thousand tons (225 thousand tons were imported), carbamide-ammoniac compound – 580 thousand tons (190 thousand tons were imported).

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