Russia is planning to launched the mass production of drones

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Andrei Belousov held a meeting with the drones manufacturers, where the interested parties discussed the concept of a national project for the development of drones and the strategic directions of the emerging industry.

In the current realities, the creation of domestic drones is one of the most important areas for increasing the level of technological sovereignty of the country. According to the statement of Andrei Belousov, the basis for the breakthrough development of the industry and the consolidation of its key players should be the national project for the development of unmanned aerial systems, initiated on behalf of the president of Russia.

“As part of this work, we need to open the sky for drones in terms of changing the regulatory environment, as well as create technical means for monitoring and controlling the movement of drones. Besides, we’re obliged to provide measures to support domestic manufacturers (both drones themselves and manufacturers of components) and the market as a whole,” Andrei Belousov stressed.

As follows from his speech, it’s necessary to stimulate the demand for services using drones in the sectors of the economy, form a comprehensive state order for drones, organize specialized education and saturate the industry with personnel, as well as create a convenient certification system for drones and ensure the safety of their use.

“The first big task is the development of demand. It includes the opening of new market segments and the removal of excessive restrictions on the use of drones. The second big block is to stimulate the development of mass production of domestic unmanned systems and components. Here we will use our two basic support tools. Firstly, the Industrial Development Fund, which is already working with the first applications. Secondly, we will launch a program of grant support for the development of components through the Technological Development Agency. Moreover, this block follows the concept of import substitution in Russia, since it’s necessary to ensure a high level of localization of drone production,” said Vasily Osmakov, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Vasily Osmakov also noted that in order to meet the demand, the state order, support measures and the amount of necessary funding will be prepared soon.

“Great opportunities for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles are opening up in agriculture. Drones can help to monitor the fields and apply mineral fertilizers and pesticides,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily. “The implementation of a grant program for the development of design documentation for components will form the foundation for the mass production of drones for agricultural needs.”

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