Garuda Aerospace Aims to Boost Agriculture in India with Advanced Drone Technologies

Garuda Aerospace, a drone tech start-up in India, is set to make significant strides in Precision Agri Tech and Industry 4.0 upgrade. With manufacturing plants in Chennai and Haryana, the company is on track to sell 25,000 drones in the next 18 months, 10,000 of which are set to be exported to approximately 100 countries within 15 months.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, highlighted that drones could be instrumental in optimizing farming practices. These unmanned vehicles can enhance crop monitoring, mapping, and analysis, leading to increased yields. Precision agriculture, achieved by deploying drones to deliver pesticides and fertilizers accurately, can curtail chemical usage, offering a more environmentally friendly approach. However, he noted challenges such as regulatory constraints, steep costs, and limited awareness among farmers. With the right policies and incentives, he believes that drone technology can reshape Indian agriculture, making it more sustainable, efficient, and profitable.

Modern drones, equipped with improved sensors, cameras, and navigation systems, along with enhanced range and flight time due to advanced batteries, can be much more effective than previous generations of those devices. Besides, the incorporation of digital technologies, like AI and machine learning, further amplifies drones’ capabilities, making them invaluable in agriculture, infrastructure, and logistics.

Garuda Aerospace is at the forefront of harnessing drones to optimize chemical spraying in agriculture. Company’s drones, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and imaging technology, can pinpoint areas needing treatment. These drones reduce chemical wastage and minimize exposure to humans and wildlife, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices.

Indian government implements several initiatives to foster drone technology adoption in agriculture. The introduction of schemes like Agri Drone Loans, Drone Subsidy, and the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme showcases the commitment to making India a global manufacturing hub for drones. In order to further accelerate the adoption of drones in the country additional measures could be implemented, including budget allocations for training drone pilots, more government collaboration, and harnessing drones in sectors like transportation, logistics, and defense.

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