Rusmolco will sow over 80 thousand hectares this year

The Russian Dairy Company (hereinafter Rusmolco) is preparing for spring sowing campaign of 2023. The specialists of Rusmolco plan to achieve high yields and provide company’s cattle with its own feeds in full. The sowing is scheduled for April.

Under the crop of 2023, Rusmolco allocated over 80 thousand hectares. Rusmolco plans to sow spring wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, oats, sunflower, sugar beets, buckwheat, multi-grass, grass sorghum, peas, and alfalfa. In addition, mustard has been added to the crop rotation.

An important task before the sowing is the timely preparation of equipment for the season: on the farms, the preparation of a transport park continues, numbering more than 500 units of combines, seeders, sprayers, loaders, soil technology, and trailed units.

As of today, Rusmolco is already 100% provided with plant protection and mineral fertilizers.

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