Rusmolco increased the sale of seeds by 25%

The Russian Dairy Company (Rusmolco, part of Olam International) has reported performance results of its seeds business. According to the company’s press-release, in 2021, Rusmolco produced 14 thousand tons of seeds and sold over 4 thousand tons of them (+ 25% to the level of the previous year).

In the long term, the seed direction of Rusmolco will increase the domestic seed potential and reduce dependence on imports. The company plans to further develop this area by increasing the volume of commercial sales.

Rusmolco produces seeds of fodder, grain, grass, legumes, and small-seeded crops: wheat, soybeans, barley, mustard, alfalfa, and clover. It owns a seed-growing complex (Penza region), which carries out cleaning, calibration, pickling, inoculation and packaging. The capacity of the complex is 10 tons per hour.

The land bank of Rusmolco is 12 thousand hectares, and the cultivated areas are close to the seed-growing complex.

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