Avgust has expanded its product line with new plant protection products

During 2022, the specialists of Avgust have developed and registered several new plant protection products for the needs of agriculture and gardeners. Expanding the range of products for controlling pathogens, weeds and pests of crops plays an important role in import substitution and providing farmers with the products necessary to maximize the harvest.

Last year, Avgust introduced the insecticide “Scutum” on the market (for controlling sawflies and owlet moths on crops and Colorado potato beetle). The company also presented systemic fungicide “Cobalt” (for the protection of cereals, soybeans, sugar beets and peas from a complex of diseases), herbicide “Centaur” (to combat annual and perennial cereals, as well as some dicotyledonous weeds in wheat crops). Its list of products also replenished with systemic herbicide “Odyssey” (to control annual cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in soybean crops and sunflower hybrids resistant to imidazolinones) and one more herbicide “Python” (to combat annual dicotyledonous weeds in crops of corn, rapeseed, sugar beet, sunflower and soybeans).

Modern preparations guarantee a high degree of protection of industrial crops. They help agricultural companies to increase their profit. Besides previously noticed products, for subsidiary and personal farms, Avgust also registered two plant growth regulators “Yantarin BAU” and “Gel-Deimos”, designed to control weeds on lawns.

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