Rail fertilizer exports through Russian Railways declined in volume

Rail transportation of fertilizers for export from Russia in the January-February period of 2023 decreased by almost 21% (to 4.7 million tons) compared to the same period last year.

Exports through border crossings decreased by 2.3 times (to 0.95 million tons), while through ports – increased by 1% (3.7 million tons).

At the same time, international transit transportation of fertilizers increased to 1.4 million tons against 0.15 million tons a year earlier.

Domestic transportation of fertilizers in Russia increased by 14% (up to 5.8 million tons).

The total volume of fertilizer transportation by rail in two months of 2023 increased by 7% in annual terms (up to 12.1 million tons). In February, this figure amounted to 5.85 million tons, an increase of almost 8% compared to February 2022.

Export transportation of fertilizers through the Russian Railways network in February amounted to 2.2 million tons, having decreased by 11% by January 2023 and by 20% by February 2022. 0.8 million tons of fertilizers were sent to Latin American countries, 0.22 million tons (potassium fertilizers) to China, and 0.16 million tons to other Asian countries.

Shipments to the EU countries in February amounted to 0.2 million tons. In the direction of Switzerland, the traditional jurisdiction for the registration of foreign traders of Russian manufacturers, 0.6 million tons of fertilizers were transported. Export to the CIS countries amounted to 0.14 million tons.

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