Kemerovo Azot postponed the start of new production facilities for 3 years

Kemerovo Azot (part of Azot Group) postponed for 3 years the launch of the third complex for the production of granulated carbamide and ammonia. According to the statement of the company’s representative, the reason for this is the preliminary change in the gas supply period required to launch the complex. It was previously planned that the corresponding production facilities would reach their design capacity as early as 2028.

The company said that if gas is supplied earlier, Azot will return to its original plans to launch new production facilities in 2028. The capacity of future production facilities will be 1.226 million tons of ammonia per year (3.5 thousand tons per day) and 1.422 million tons of granulated carbamide per year (4.2 thousand tons per day).

The commissioning of the production of granulated ammonium sulfate (250 thousand tons per year) and liquid carbon dioxide (50 thousand tons per year) is still planned in 2024.

The total investment in the construction of new units for granulated carbamide and ammonia, as well as a number of other production facilities at Kemerovo Azot, is estimated at 115 billion rubles (almost $1.44 billion).

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