Fertilizers of the Uralchem-Uralkali Group arrived in Kenya

The Uralchem-Uralkali Group has delivered a 34 thousand ton fertilizer shipment to the port of Mombasa in Kenya. Currently, work is underway to unload this supply, which consists of potassium chloride, carbamide and complex fertilizers.

It’s the second humanitarian shipment of the company’s fertilizers, stuck in European ports and warehouses, to developing countries that are facing the threat of food shortages. A previous port shipment to the EU, consisting of 20 thousand tons of compound fertilizers, was officially handed over to Malawi in early March 2023.

Both shipments were made with the assistance of the United Nations World Food Programme, which chartered ships to transport these fertilizers. In turn, the Uralchem-Uralkali Group paid for sea freight and other transportation costs.

In total, the Uralchem-Uralkali Group intends to provide about 300 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers to developing countries as humanitarian aid. The initiative is aimed at combating a global food crisis and is being implemented in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 “Zero hunger”.

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