PhosAgro-Region launched third distribution center in the Kursk region

The PhosAgro-Region company (part of PhosAgro) has launched a new mineral fertilizer distribution center in the Kursk region. The new construction is the third logistics complex of the PhosAgro-Region network in the Kursk region, the 15th in the Chernozem region, and the 29th in Russia. During the 2020-2022 period, It’s planned to invest over 60 million rubles (approximately $820 thousand) in the development of the new asset.

“The commission of new distribution centers is part of the PhosAgro’s development strategy until 2025, aimed at providing Russian farmers with all types of mineral fertilizers with improved environmental characteristics. Russian agrarians traditionally have priority access to all the newest systems of mineral nutrition of plants produced by PhosAgro to increase crop yields and profitability of crop production,” noted PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev.

The Kursk region takes almost 20% of PhosAgro’s supplies of mineral fertilizers to the Chernozem region and about 7.5% in Russia as a whole. Over the past 3 years, the volume of sales of mineral fertilizers by the regional company PhosAgro-Kursk has grown 1.5 times and this year will exceed 280 thousand tons.
The commission of the new distribution center will ensure direct supplies of nitrogen, phosphorus, and complex fertilizers to farmers in five districts of the Kursk region with an annual demand of more than 55 thousand tons.

“Among the farmers of the regions, granular NPK fertilizers are traditionally in high demand. The use of liquid complex fertilizers is dynamically developing, showing almost fivefold growth in sales since the beginning of the year,” stressed Andrey Vovk, General Director of PhosAgro-Region. “We also plan to increase the supply of complex NPK fertilizers with microelements. Their use reduces the number of necessary agronomic operations in the fields, as well as reduces costs and the volume of other fertilizers. The launch of a new distribution center in the region will help to optimize the costs of storing mineral fertilizers and their delivery to the Kursk fields.”

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