DIMO and HomeBiogas Partner to Turn Organic Waste Into Gas and Liquid Fertilizer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s conglomerate DIMO has joined forces with an Israeli pioneer in off-grid biogas systems HomeBiogas, to introduce innovative products that promise to revolutionize organic waste management. The new partnership would empower farmers across Sri Lanka to convert organic waste into self-produced clean cooking gas and organic liquid fertilizer, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

DIMO’s collaboration with HomeBiogas brings three distinct biogas systems to the Sri Lankan market, tailored to different needs. The HomeBiogas System 2 is designed for small-scale households in urban and pre-urban areas, while the HomeBiogas System 4 targets larger backyard spaces. For businesses such as small restaurants and farms, the HomeBiogas System 6 offers a scalable solution. These systems effectively transform organic waste into clean cooking gas and valuable organic liquid fertilizer. The core components of each system include the digestive tank, gas tank, inlets, and outlets. Additionally, gas stoves and essential accessories like gas filters are included. Installation of each system is reportedly swift, taking approximately two hours to complete.

Ranjith Pandithage, Chairman & Managing Director of DIMO, expressed his optimism about this sustainable endeavor, emphasizing its potential to reduce the country’s carbon footprint significantly. He stated, “DIMO is proud to partner HomeBiogas to introduce these solutions to the nation and to continue fueling the dreams and aspirations of all Sri Lankans.”

The operation of the biogas systems is straightforward. After installation, the digestive tank requires a mixture of manure and water, followed by a 21-day activation period. The tank, placed on a flat surface and exposed to sunlight, converts organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. Users can continually feed organic waste into the system for ongoing processing. Each biogas system generates sufficient gas for 2 to 6 hours of cooking and produces 8L to 120L of liquid fertilizer daily, depending on its capacity.

New HomeBiogas systems have already been installed in various locations across Sri Lanka, from Army Farms to Livestock Development Centers. The systems were praised for their convenience and positive impact on the environment.

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