Descon Launches New Food Processing Plant in Pakistan

Scheduled to commence operations in December 2023, Blume Agri is set to become a catalyst for change in the local Pakistani market. During the initial two years of operation, the plant will focus on addressing domestic demands and fostering import substitution. This strategic approach reflects Descon’s commitment to enhancing self-reliance in the agricultural sector while providing high-quality agricultural products for local consumption.

The heart of the Blume Agri project lies in its state-of-the-art, fully automated food processing facility specializing in dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and spices. The plant aims to produce top-tier dried products catering to local consumers and international export markets by adopting global best practices. This transition to dehydration not only addresses the persistent challenge of post-harvest losses but also holds the potential to contribute to Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves significantly.

Commenting on the launch of the new plant, the Founder of Descon, Abdul Razak Dawood emphasized, “Our commitment to the agriculture sector is unwavering. Our vision is driven by the desire to minimize post-harvest losses and harness the vast potential of the global market. We are dedicated to investing in the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to tap into these opportunities.”

The Blume Agri project holds the potential to contribute significantly to import substitution while boosting exports of agricultural and fruit-based products to regions like the Middle East and Europe.

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