Specialists from St. Petersburg applied a new fumigation technology on exported grain

Decontamination of grain during export from Russia is a mandatory procedure. Most of the agricultural products are exported by sea, so it’s necessary to create all conditions for their preservation. Great importance in this matter is given to the time of work and the uniformity of treatment with a fumigant.

According to experts from the St. Petersburg branch of the Center for Grain Quality Assessment, a new recirculation fumigation system is being installed in the ship’s hold before loading. The recirculation system consists of flexible perforated pipes that provide a constant movement of the gas released by the solid fumigant inside the ship’s hold.

Previously, the probing method was used for this process – the gas-air mixture of the fumigant formed on the surface slowly penetrated into the underlying layers of the grain. In turn, the recirculation method makes it possible to evenly distribute the gas over all layers of submerged grain and significantly increase the effectiveness of fumigants. This will reduce the work time. Experts also say that this method is much safer for employees performing fumigation work.

Fumigation by the recycling method demonstrates the greatest efficiency on large sea vessels with a carrying capacity of 15 thousand tons.

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