EuroChem took part in the social innovation forum

The V Forum of Regional Social Innovation was held with the support of the Federation Council and the Moscow Government from September 5 to 8 in Moscow. Participants in the discussion platform “Social Development of Rural Territories” discussed what could be the driver of innovative development of rural areas, how to ensure an integrated approach and qualitative improvement of life in the regions, and what changes in government policy are taking place in this direction today.

EuroChem presented its experience in implementing the comprehensive development of social infrastructure in the cities where it operates during the session “Business Investment Projects for the Development of the Social Sphere of the Village.”

Today EuroChem is actively developing city brands. Thus, in the polar Kovdor rural agglomeration, where the Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant is located, the company is developing the brand of the territory “Kovdor – the capital of Hyperborea” and actively participates with the Government of the Murmansk region in the implementation of most national projects.

In the Belorechensky district of the Krasnodar region, EuroChem launched the Belaya Reka (White River) brand, the flagship event of which was the annual All-Russian festival of street theaters. As part of the brand, the central square is also being improved, a new school is being designed, and specialized EuroChem classes have been opened.

In the Kotelnikovsky district of the Volgograd region, EuroChem is also comprehensively developing the territory. The company has built two microdistricts and a kindergarten. As part of the brand “Kotelnikovo – Land of Heroes”, with the financial participation of the enterprise, the construction of the Aksai Dubrava park is being carried out.

EuroChem pays special attention to the implementation of educational projects in the territories where it operates. The company implements the principle “from school to production”: it creates specialized EuroChem classes in schools, educational centers and Quantoriums, participates in the Professionalism program, modernizes colleges and attracts young people to practice.

“Today, residents of the regions care not only about jobs but also about the comfort of the environment in which they live and raise their children. EuroChem implements projects by actively involving the population in them. This approach makes it possible not only to take into account the interests of all social groups of the population but also allows residents to realize their role in changing the surrounding space. In this way, the loyalty of local residents is formed, who connect their life plans with their hometown and work at EuroChem enterprises,” noted Alexander Shlychkov, head of the department for interaction with the regions of EuroChem.

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