Metafrax Chemicals outlined development priorities until 2027

The Board of Directors of the Metafrax Group Management Company adopted the development strategy of Metafrax Chemicals until 2027. Projected capital investments for this period reach 14 billion rubles (approximately $147 million). At the same time, it’s planned to provide 2.3 billion rubles (over $24 million) for 2024.

The technical re-equipment, reconstruction and development program of Metafrax Chemicals provides for the implementation of projects for the reconstruction of existing and construction of new production facilities, as well as auxiliary facilities, the modernization of existing production facilities and the acquisition of fixed assets.

A significant amount of priority work is planned to be carried out at the ammonia-carbamide-melamine (AKM) complex facilities. In particular, it’s planned to modernize the short-cycle adsorption installation. The project involves installing a heat exchanger to cool the methanol production purge gas. This will reduce the temperature of the purge gas to 35 Celsius to increase the efficiency of the unit. In addition, it’s planned to install a tiered melamine storage system in the warehouse, which will increase its capacity to 1.5 thousand tons, and install a station for loading carbamide in big bags, aimed at expanding the scope of carbamide consumption, including for use in agriculture.

Another priority area of work is measures to improve the operation of methanol production in terms of integration with the AKM complex. Also among the priorities are the technical re-equipment and replacement of a number of sections of water pipelines, the construction of a cryogenic air separation plant with an additional compressor and drying to supply the enterprise’s workshops with gaseous nitrogen and dried air, taking into account the launch of the AKM complex.

Among the priority measures is the acquisition of two new diesel locomotives as part of the renewal of the fleet, two new buses for transporting personnel, a truck crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tons and a boom length of 30 meters, as well as reserve rotors for compressors and pumps of the AKM complex, and formation of a technically necessary reserve.

The Board of Directors of the Metafrax Group Management Company recommended that the Company include priority projects in the investment budget for 2024 and submit the investment budgets of these projects for approval by the management bodies of Metafrax Chemicals.

The board of directors also considered projects for the development of the road and railway infrastructure of the enterprise, technical re-equipment of the crystallization plant for the production of sodium formate, construction of a loading rack at the loading site for aldehyde frost-resistant solution, increasing the capacity and efficiency of treatment facilities and landscaping.

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