Agromin secures $10mn to enhance organic waste recycling

California’s organic waste recycling player, Agromin, has been awarded a $10mn grant from CalRecycle’s Organics Grant Program. The funding is targeted at the enhancement of composting facilities, aiming to convert a larger volume of food and yard waste into compost.

The grant is part of CalRecycle’s statewide initiative to augment the capacity of organic recycling facilities, thereby reducing the amount of waste directed to landfills and mitigating the emission of greenhouse gases. Bill Camarillo, CEO of Agromin, disclosed that the grant would be instrumental in the expansion of the company’s composting site at Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, California. Presently processing over one million tons of organic waste annually, Agromin anticipates a significant increase in its capacity. Despite the current restriction to yard waste and a 15-acre operation area, plans are underway to expand the facility to 70 acres and incorporate food waste processing.

This development aligns with the objectives of California Senate Bill 1383, which mandates a 75% reduction in green waste at landfills by 2025, compared to the levels in 2014. The bill also stipulates that jurisdictions must procure recycled organic products, such as compost and mulch, to divert green waste from landfills. These products are intended for various applications, including at public spaces and agricultural lands, and can be used by both — landscapers and residents.

In response to these legislative requirements, Agromin launched in 2021. This platform supports local jurisdictions in the assessment, procurement, and monitoring of recycled organic waste products, facilitating compliance with SB 1383. Camarillo emphasized Agromin’s commitment to assisting jurisdictions in meeting their procurement targets, noting that the expansion of company’s operations would significantly bolster their capacity to support statewide environmental goals.

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