Yovel East Agriventure donates $18k worth of organic fertilizer to Davao City farmers

The City Agriculturist’s Office (CAgrO) of Davao City in the Philippines has announced plans to distribute $17,720 worth of multifunctional organic fertilizer that it received free of charge from Yovel East Agriventure.

The deliveries, which are scheduled for next Monday, will support CAgrO’s Fertilizer Assistance program, which is designed to ease the financial burden on farmers by providing essential agricultural products.

Over the past year, the Fertilizer Assistance program has had a significant impacted local agriculture — facilitating the distribution of 2,250 bags of organic fertilizers to 139 individual farmers and various farmers’ associations.

Additionally, it has ensured the provision of 157 bags of commercial fertilizer to vegetable and corn clusters in the Marilog, Paquibato, Baguio, and Toril regions.

CAgRO’s head, Edgardo Haspe, said that the office is in the process of finalizing the list of recipients for the newly donated fertilizer.

Yovel East Agriventure’s founder and CEO, James Amparado, emphasized the potency of the fertilizer, saying that “One liter of this is good for one hectare up to harvest, showcasing its high concentration.”

Amparado also explained the rationale behind selecting Davao City as the beneficiary, citing its extensive agricultural areas. He acknowledged the escalating costs of fertilizers as a persistent challenge impeding food production nationwide.

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