Mexico delays introduction of glyphosate ban

Cornfield with trees and a blue sky with clouds, Mount Escobedo Zacatecas

The Mexican government has postponed the introduction of a ban on the herbicide glyphosate after having been unable to identify a suitable alternative. It said in a statement that since it is not currently feasible to replace the weedkiller, the prohibition cannot be enforced. It added that its focus is on safeguarding the country’s agri-food industry.

Mexico introduced a glyphosate import quota in its 2020 Corn Decree, and had been seeking to gradually transition away from its use of the herbicide. Last year, in an amendment to that legislation, it had set March 31, 2024, as the date when a complete ban on the importation, production, distribution, and use of the weedkiller would come into effect. The decree also mandates the phasing out of GM corn.

The Mexican government said in the statement that it is “working to find options that are available in the necessary quantities for marketing chains at the national level and that are affordable for all types of producers.”



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