Dorogobuzh launches trial batch of biofertilizers

Dorogobuzh, part of the Acron Group, has recently produced a trial batch of biofertilizers, marking a new direction for the company’s product offerings. The release includes two types of ammonium nitrate phosphate fertilizers enhanced with bio-additives, which will undergo field testing on agricultural lands across Central Russia.

This initiative is part of the Acron Group’s broader strategy to incorporate technological advancements into their products, enhancing their consumer properties while expanding their product line. The use of beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, a current industry trend, aligns with the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. The new biomodified or biomineral fertilizers combine the benefits of traditional and biological plant nutrition, aiming to improve the efficiency of nutrient uptake, profitability, and environmental sustainability.

The fertilizers contain carriers treated with agriculturally beneficial microorganisms in spore form, which possess valuable properties for plant growth. These bacteria strains are applied to the surface of NPK granules in a special drum, where they are treated with an anti-caking agent to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Preliminary laboratory tests conducted by Dorogobuzh’s Quality Control and Technological Research Center have confirmed that the bio-additives meet established quality standards. Additionally, a state registration process for the new products is currently underway. Microbiological testing of the fertilizers was led by Svetlana Morozova at the company’s industrial research laboratory.

Roman Dmitriev, the Executive Director of Dorogobuzh, stated, “The main goal of this project is to innovate and produce new types of fertilizers that will elevate our standard product offerings to a new level.” He highlighted that using fertilizers with bio-components would reduce the chemical load on soils, thus contributing further to environmental protection and enhancing plant nutrition to optimize agricultural production and soil fertility.

Past trials conducted both in Russia and internationally have demonstrated significant benefits from using biomineral fertilizers. On average, there was a 15% increase in nutrient uptake by plants from fertilizers and soil, with crop yields increasing by 11 to 35%, depending on the crop type and soil properties.

The ongoing field trials in the Orlov, Lipetsk, Tula, and Bryansk regions will further evaluate the impact of these biofertilizers on soil composition and future crop yields, with results expected to influence broader agricultural practices and sustainability efforts.

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