GÜBRETAŞ (Gübre Fabrikaları T.A.Ş.) was founded in 1952 to provide fertilizers to Turkish agricultural industry. GÜBRETAŞ is growing steadily since the day it was founded. It continues its journey as one of Turkey’s top 50 largest industrial companies. GÜBRETAŞ is the industry leader with its 31% market share and delivers its products to the market through 2.800 sales points and thanks to this widespread distribution network, it also has an advantageous position in the industry.

GÜBRETAŞ has a rich product portfolio, in order to meet the nutritional requirements of plants. A wide range of diversified products includes solid, water-soluble and organic fertilizers; plant growth regulators and soil conditioners. GÜBRETAŞ also has a subsidiary company in plant protection, which is crucial for agricultural production. In its facilities in Turkey, GÜBRETAŞ is able to produce NPK, DAP and TSP; along with water-soluble fertilizers. GÜBRETAŞ also has a big fertilizer production complex in Iran, with rich natural gas resources. Ammonia, urea and phosphoric acid can be produced in the facilities of this complex.

GÜBRETAŞ has been carrying out its operational activities in its production facilities and warehouses located at Kocaeli, İskenderun, İzmir, Samsun and Tekirdağ, which are among the major trade centers and ports of Turkey.

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