Intrepid Potash


Intrepid operates three solar evaporation mines in Wendover and Moab, Utah and Carlsbad, New Mexico. Solar evaporation ponds provide one of the safest, lowest cost, environmentally friendly production methods for potash and salt. Our southwestern locations have the advantages of proximity to western markets and an arid climate, ensuring minimal weather-related delivery days by truck or rail.

Intrepid also operates an underground mine in Carlsbad, New Mexico for the extraction of langbeinite, the naturally-occurring mineral we sell as Intrepid Trio. Langbeinite, K2Mg2(SO4)3, is a unique geological material found only in a few places in the world. Highly prized as an all-natural fertilizer with international demand, Intrepid’s mine in Carlsbad sits on one of the world’s largest known reserves of langbeinite.

Key figure: Mark McDonald
Founded: 2000 | Number of employees: