A promising new fertilizer has been created in Russia

The Far Eastern Peat Company has developed a fertilizer to increase the yield by 15-25% compared with the recommended dose of mineral fertilizers, Alexander Timofeev, the director of the company announced.

The innovative fertilizer is based on peat and active strains of soil microorganisms. Useful microflora gets into its granules, which, interacting with the root system of plants, deals with their complex nutrition and heals the soil.

“The most important thing is that as a result of the introduction of the developed technology, it is possible to produce a whole production line that would not only increase the yield by 15-25%, but also improve the soil, increase the content of organic matter (including carbon) in the rhizosphere during plant growth, and shift the pH value towards the neutral status,” he said.

Alexander Timofeev explained that the increase in yield was assessed when growing ginger in the area where fertilizers were not applied at all.

“According to the results of tests with ginger, an additional increase in yield amounted to 18%. The same efficiency was recorded during tests for cabbage and tomatoes conducted at the Far Eastern Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture,” he added.

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