Uralchem has been honored with the IFA award

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) awarded Perm Mineral Fertilizers (part of Uralchem) the gold medal as the “best in the industry” for responsible production management.

IFA President Mostafa Terrab presented the award to Dmitry Konyaev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem, during the IFA Strategic Forum which was held in Paris (France).

IFA established the gold medal as part of promotion of a high-performance culture. The award is given to the companies that evaluate their effectiveness and meet a number of criteria: high safety performance and employee awareness, reduction of environmental impact and energy conservation.

“Receiving the prestigious international award is a great honor and a high assessment of Uralchem’s work in three areas: energy efficiency, occupational safety and health protection of employees, ecology. The organization of production according to the highest international standards and continuous development is a priority for the company,” noted Dmitry Konyaev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem.

Perm Mineral Fertilizers was the first fertilizer producer in Russia to achieve IFA certification under the Protect and Sustain program in August 2017. At the end of 2018, there were 52 companies in 57 countries that successfully completed this certification. Among them are leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers, such as Yara International, Prayon, Mosaic, PotashCorp. In February 2019, Perm Mineral Fertilizers successfully passed the interim inspection and received confirmation of the validity of this certificate.

The Protect and Sustain program is based on the requirements of international standards of quality management, ecology and industrial safety, and also takes into account the specifics of the industry and the technical specifications of Responsible Care RC14001. IFA recognizes that Protect and Sustain certified companies ensure that fertilizers, the manufacturing processes used in their production, and all fertilizer handling logistics minimize the risks associated with negative environmental impacts.

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