Socar carbamide plant’s output to reach up to 650 thousand tons of urea in 2020

The next year, the carbamide plant of the state corporation Socar (Azerbaijan) can produce 600-650 thousand tons of products, as confirmed by the General Director Khayal Jafarov.

“In 2020, the production volumes are planned at the level of 600-650 thousand tons, – 500-550 thousand tons of which will be exported. Moreover, in the export structure, we expect that 75-80% will fall onto the Turkish market,” he said.

Khayal Jafarov noted that typically, peak prices in the markets occur in the summer, before the sowing season, or in winter.

“At the moment, the urea market has somewhat deteriorated… In January-February, prices are expected to go up,” he emphasized.

Khayal Jafarov also said that in the domestic market, 15-20 companies that have the appropriate licenses buy the plant’s products.

“In the domestic market, we are open to everyone. Anyone who has the appropriate license can purchase our products,” he added.

It was previously reported that in 2019, urea production at the plant had been forecasted to be in the amount of 200 thousand tons, in 2020 – 500 thousand tons, in 2021 – 620 thousand tons, in 2022 – 640 thousand tons, and 650 thousand tons in 2023.

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