Severodonetsk Azot was able to increase production

Severodonetsk Azot (part of Ostchem) produced 319.94 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, 9.96 thousand tons of urea-ammonia mixture, 1.52 thousand tons of ammonia and 256.16 thousand tons of non-concentrated nitric acid during the period of January to December 2019.

Last year, the company was able to partially resume the mineral fertilizer toll manufacturing. “We have completed the production plan. With respect to the basic product – ammonium nitrate – we have almost three times higher production volumes,” said Leonid Bugaev, Chairman of the Board at the enterprise.

Among the investment projects that were implemented in 2019, Leonid Bugaev named the setting up of the urea-ammonium nitrate production plant. The plant allowed to increase production of this type of nitrogen fertilizer from 5.37 thousand tons (according to the results of 2018) to 9.96 thousand tons at the end of 2019.

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