Severodonetsk Azot has ramped up fertilizer output by 729%

Severodonetsk Azot (part of Group DF) managed to increase the production of nitrogen fertilizers by 729% to 180.21 thousand tons in the 1st quarter of 2020.

The production of ammonium nitrate in January-March of this year grew 6.3 times to 141.6 thousand tons, carbamide-ammonium mixture output went up 2.1 times to 3.76 thousand tons, the volume of manufactured industrial aqueous ammonia rose 5.8 times up to 2.81 thousand tons. Urea production amounted to 32.03 thousand tons.

“This year, the enterprise is gradually gathering pace after the full production cycle was restored and ammonia production was launched in March. The growth in the on-site production of ammonia made it possible to raise the production of mineral fertilizers, namely ammonium nitrate, urea, carbamide-ammonium mixture. Ammonium nitrate together with the carbamide-ammonium mixture remain the most popular products. On the other hand, this year there was little precipitation, little moisture, and we see how demand for aqueous ammonia and urea is increasing. The company is regaining its working capacity, despite the specific situation in the country and the specific working conditions during the quarantine period. All the agreements signed with farmers are being fully implemented, and the sowing campaign will be run without disruption on the part of our enterprise,” commented Leonid Bugaev, Chairman of the Board of Severodonetsk Azot.

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