Has TomskAzot production begun?

TomskAzot has become a resident of the Territory of the Advancing Social and Economic Development (TASED) Seversk (Tomsk Region) by signing an agreement with the Atom-TOR management company.

TomskAzot plans to implement a project of ammonium nitrate production in the Seversk TASED.

“This is the first ammonium nitrate production in Western Siberia. The planned production volume will be 11 thousand tons per year. The company’s products will help to the satisfy Tomsk region industry and agriculture needs in ammonium nitrate and reduce their dependence on supplies from other regions. Today we have a clear sales market, local industrial enterprises and agricultural producers are interested in the products,” said TomskAzot CEO Evgeny Melnikov.

The amount of investment in the project will be more than 13 million rubles (more than $ 167 thousand), 14 jobs will be created.

It is worth noting that in September 2018, Evgeny Melnikov gave an interview to Fertilizer Daily and then confirmed that the launch of the TomskAzot facility was scheduled for December 2018 reaching the designed capacity during the Q1 of 2019.

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