Acron launches new carbamide unit

Acron plant (part of Acron Group) has commissioned a new carbamide granulation unit with a capacity of 700 thousand tons per year. The volume of investments in its creation amounted to $29 million. Additionally, the company has built a warehouse for storage of 15 thousand tons of carbamide.

“We continue to successfully implement the projects as part of the Acron Group development strategy. With a newly launched installation, we will add premium granular carbamide to our product portfolio. The new type of product is widely in demand around the whole world. Besides, we will increase production flexibility and the opportunity to better adapt to the needs of the market. We will be able to switch to production of the product most demanded at the particular moment,” said Alexander Popov, Chairman of the Board of Acron Group.

“It is worth noting that the development of the carbamide shop continues. In 2019, the company began a project to modernize carbamide unit #6 with an increase in its capacity. After implementing the project in 2021, the capacity of the workshop will grow to 1.9 million tons per year. These results will make Acron the largest carbimide production company not only in Russia but also in Europe.”

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