Acron continues implementing the Carbamide Unit 6+ project

Acron plant (part of Acron Group) has begun the second stage of a full-scale modernization of the carbamide plant in the framework of the Carbamide Unit 6+ project.

Preparations for the implementation of the Carbamide #6+ project began in 2019. Comprehensive modernization of the unit will increase its capacity from 600 to 2.050 thousand tons per day. Investments in the project will amount to $85 million. The launch is expected in the second quarter of 2021.

“We continue successfully implementing the strategy for the Acron Group’s development. We have a whole series of projects to expand the production of nitrogen fertilizers. New units for the production of nitric acid and the granulation of carbamide are already operating. Now it’s the turn of the Carbamide #6+ project. After the completion of the project in 2021, the total annual carbamide production capacity will increase by 0.5 million tons and will reach 1.9 million tons. This will make Acron the largest carbamide producer not only in Russia but also in Europe,” said Alexander Popov, Chairman of the Board of Acron Group.

Carbamide is a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer and raw material for the production of carbamide-ammonia mixture. Compared to other granular nitrogen fertilizers, carbamide has better physicochemical properties and is widely used in the cultivation of various crops on all types of soil.

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