Ukraine remains dependent from import of complex fertilizers

Ukrainian enterprises can’t fully satisfy the domestic demand for complex fertilizers.

“Due to the fact that Ukraine doesn’t have the required raw materials for the production of complex phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, producers have to import these materials. Phosphorus comes from North African countries, potassium chloride comes from Belarus. As the price for other types of raw materials was higher for the Ukrainian producers than the average market price, so the finished product price became higher as well. As a result, Ukrainian enterprises lost 92% of the domestic market for complex fertilizers,” said Sergey Liskovskiy, Head of the supervisory board of Dniprovsky plant of chemical fertilizers. “Two enterprises (Sumykhimprom and Dniprovsky plant of chemical fertilizers) showed by personal example the ability to provide about 40% of the complex fertilizer market (mostly with two-component nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers).”

According to Sergey Liskovskiy, despite the introduction of the embargo on the import of these fertilizers from Russia, the import of complex fertilizers continues. They come to Ukraine from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Greece, Morocco and Serbia.

“By importing fertilizers, Ukraine actually contributes to the development of the chemical industry of countries other than Ukraine,” emphasized Sergey Liskovskiy.

Source: Hubs

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