Ukraine may restrict the import of fertilizers from Belarus

Ukrainian chemists reported to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine to impose restrictions on the import of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers from Belarus, said Igor Golchenko, the Vice-President of the Ukrainian Chemists Union.

According to his statement, earlier in March this year, they have submitted an anti-discriminatory application regarding the import of potassium chloride from Belarus to protect the interests of Sumykhimprom and the Dneprovsky plant of mineral fertilizers.

The current situation in Ukraine with the import of agricultural chemicals from Belarus happened due to the imposed American sanctions.

“The sanctions against Belarus are already strongly affecting the Ukrainian market. Grodno Azot and Belneftekhim have been included in the US sanctions list. American companies are already refusing to work with them. The European Union market is also shrinking for Belarusian fertilizers. Everything that Belarusian companies cannot sell to Western markets is already going to Ukraine. Belarusian producers in May and June exported to the Ukrainian market twice more fertilizers compared to April,” said Igor Golchenko.

Source: Interfax

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