Farmers of Udmurtia will be taught global exports

In September this year, Udmurtia with the support of the regional government will launch a unique accelerator program for export-oriented agricultural enterprises.

Development Corporation of the Udmurtia is accepting applications for the final stream of the program “Made in Udmurtia”. The program focuses on the export of agricultural products and invites enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, aimed at international activities to participate in the project.

Participants of the program will have an intensive three-month export growth training course and another year of support to achieve the goal that companies set at the start of the export accelerator program. The purpose of the program is to double export earnings, enter a new market and promote a new product to the foreign market.

“The program was developed by the export support center of the region, takes into account the specifics of the industry and will help the agricultural business to enter new sales markets in 15 months, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on mistakes. Experts in the field of international economic activity will work with the teams participating in the accelerator,” said Konstantin Suntsov, Director General of Development Corporation of the Udmurt Republic.

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