Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant’s investments to date add up to $63.9 million

Current investments in the construction of the Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant (NFP) amounted to 4.7 billion rubles (approximately $63.9 million). The company is a resident of the advanced development territory (ADT) “Neftekhimichesky” of the Primorsky region.

The future enterprise will produce 1.8 million tons of methanol and the same amount of ammonia per year. Natural gas will be supplied from the deposits of Sakhalin.

NFP project requires 2.038 billion rubles (approx. $27.7 million) of budget financing for the construction of external infrastructure facilities of the ADT “Neftekhimichesky”. Besides, the implementation of the project provides for the construction of other infrastructure facilities as well. Total investments in the creation of these facilities will be determined based on the results of the technological and price audit.

Source: Interfax

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