North-Western Phosphorous Company disputes fine for the lake pollution

North-Western Phosphorous Company (part of the Acron Group) sent explanatory documents to the Federal Natural Resources Agency of Russia (Rosprirodnadzor) regarding the pollution of lake Umbozero (Murmansk region) committed by the Oleniy Ruchey GOK, which is under the company’s control.

The pollution of lake Umbozero happened this summer. During the inspection, it turned out that Oleniy Ruchey became one of the pollution reasons. The compounds of aluminum and manganese from the enterprise got into lake Umbozero. The situation is associated with the abundant melting of snow, which caused the increased leaching of various substances from dumps and rocks. The Oleniy Ruchey GOK, in turn, was not ready for such a scenario.

Rosprirodnadzor filed a claim against North-Western Phosphorous Company to compensate for the damage of 11 million rubles (approximately $140 thousand), Interfax reported.

FertilizerDaily tried to find out more details via an email request sent to the head of the Acron PR Department Sergey Dorofeev. However, no comments and no responses to the following two letters were received.

Either Sergey Dorofeev didn’t receive our emails (which is unlikely), or he is too busy, or he might consider it beneath his dignity to respond to inquiries from our publication regarding environmental harm caused by his company in the Murmansk region.

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